Who we are

Planet Straw comes with the purpose of encouraging and contributing to the drastic reduction and consumption of plastic straws. We appeal on both sides – by encouraging consumers to use less or completely stop using plastic straws, while at the same time, recommending to companies that do not make plastic straws available, opting for ecological and sustainable alternatives. The serious problem surrounding the carefree use of plastic by our society is not new today.

A Greener Planet is in Your Hands

Bite the Straw, not the Planet is an initiative that is changing the habit of returning to the consumption of the traditional plastic straw!
We intend, therefore, to change the bad habit, presenting an ecological and environmentally friendly alternative.
In addition, we can worry about local and traditional commerce, with the possibility of lowering costs and increasing their sustainability. In this sense we present an alternative that meets this vision and that seems to have a strong impact on our society, people and each place.

What can we do for you?

We are now on a journey to bring this simple solution to restaurants, businesses, shops and any houses like yours. Yes! Because you can also help!

Inspired by the need to keep our oceans clean and encouraged by the recent wave of political bans, Planet Straw plans to stay one step ahead of the game to bring you the best eco-friendly and consumer-friendly alternative to plastic, and even paper straws. Our straws are packed and sealed keeping the product clean and up to all the hygiene standards.

Juices | Cocktails | Soft Drinks | Milkshakes | Smoothies



Soft Drinks

We've got your back!

We offer two different sizes of straws so that you can enjoy your favourite drink!
From juices to soft drinks, smoothies or milkshakes, no worries! You can enjoy your favourite drink without regrets!
Your straw is individually sealed and packed presenting an ecological and environmentally friendly alternative.

% of plastic waste isn’t recycled.
MILLION plastic straws are used EVERY DAY in America
million plastic bottles are bought EVERY MINUTE around the world
millions plastic bags are distributed worldwide every minute.